The nsoro Educational Foundation

There are more than 500,000 children in foster care daily in the United States. A mere 3% graduate college: it is the collective mission of the nsoro Foundation to change the life opportunity for children in foster care- one college degree at a time.

The nsoro Foundation provides academic scholarships for foster care students.
The mission of The nsoro Educational Foundation is to cultivate a “circle of support” that nurtures and provides guidance to children in foster care, kinship care and those who have aged-out of care by following 5 Guiding Stars:

  • Advocate to improve the lives of foster children
  • Create programs to foster academic success
  • Provide scholarships for post-secondary education
  • Establish opportunities to network with professionals
  • Support activities around foster youth

Darrell Mays founded The nsoro Educational Foundation to support children in foster care through education. He was spurred to action after viewing the PBS documentary, “Aging Out,” which follows the plight of children who have aged out of the foster system. The Mays family is guided out of their commitment to serving others.